NUIST "Changwang Talents" Recruitment (2018 Long Term)

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IIntroduction of NUIST

Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology (NUIST), founded in 1960 and renamed from Nanjing Institute of Meteorology in 2004, was designated in 1978 as one of the key institutions of higher learning in China, which enjoys the reputation of The cradle of Chinese meteorological talents. Co-constructed by the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, the Ministry of Education of China (MOE), the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and the State Oceanic Administration, in 2017 the university is on the list of China’s national Double First-rate universities and disciplines and is also included in the provincial high-level universities in Jiangsu province. The discipline of Atmospheric Science consecutively ranks No. 1 in the national discipline evaluation conducted by the MOE. The disciplines of Geoscience, Engineering and Computer Science have entered top 1% ESI international discipline ranking. According to the four most influential international university rankings, NUIST ranks No.80 among all the universities in mainland China averagely. 


Currently, there are more than 2200 full-time teachers in NUIST. It houses 4 academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences, 4 distinguished professors of the Chang Jiang Scholars Program of MOE and winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 4 experts of the Thousand Talents Program, 7 Chief Scientists of the 973Program(or the National Program on Key Basic Research Project) and 4 experts of theMillions of National Talent Project. Meanwhile, the university also accommodates 11 Young Scholars of Chang Jiang Scholars Program, winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and experts of National  Thousand Youth Talents Program. In addition, there are innovative teams of the Program for Chang Jiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team (MOE), and Jiangsu Provincial Innovative Teams and altogether 27 scientific innovative and teaching teams of the provincial or ministerial level or above.


Currently, NUIST consists of 19 professional schools, i.e. School of Atmospheric Science, School of Applied Meteorology, School of Atmospheric Physics, School of Geographical Science, School of Remote Sensing and Geomatics Engineering, School of Hydrology and Water Resources, School of Marine Sciences, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, School of Information and Control, School of Electronic and Information Engineering, School of Computer and Software, School of Mathematics and Statistics, School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering, School of Law and Politics, School of Marxism, School of Management Engineering, School of Business, School of Liberal Arts, and School of Media and Art. As the national key discipline, meteorology enjoys a broad reputation in the world. And besides Atmospheric Science, there are many Level I Disciplines of PHD degree authorized points and Master's degree authorization. With 55 undergraduate majors, NUIST has formed a high-level coordinated developing situation with the disciplines of meteorology, information, environment, oceanography, economic management, mathematics and physics, humanities and so on.


Sticking to the guideline of open, collaborative and characteristic development, NUIST endeavors to carry out the strategy of gathering outstanding talents and constructing first-rate disciplines in the world. Lauching the NUIST Changwang Talents Recruitment Program (2018 Long Term), we sincerely welcome excellent talents from all parts of the world to join us to seek common development and create brilliant future together. Our university will surely offer you an extraordinarily competitive system of salaries and welfare and a broader platform for your career development.

Ⅱ. Requirements and benefits

Applicants for Changwang Talents shall consist of Changwang high-level talents introduced by means of Face to Face with NUIST Presidents, Changwang excellent specialists, foreign teachers (non-Chinese citizenship), Taiwan teachers and post doctors.The talents should be well qualified in political, academic, team spirits, virtues, obedience to laws and regulations , teaching morality, hardworking, honest and upright.


The introduction policy of N+10 applies to the applicants. NUIST will provide the recruited talents with more preferential policies and treatments and even much stronger guarantee in salaries, housing allowance, start-up research funds, research team construction, scientific research conditions and children-education admission.


(1)           Face to Face with NUIST Presidents (Changwang high-level talents)

The recruitment of Changwang high-level talents will be conducted in the form of Face to Face with NUIST Presidents. It aims to establish a platform of communication and cooperation for all the outstanding scholars from home and abroad and offer them an opportunity to have a better understanding of our university through presidents' introduction, academic discussions and profound communications. We hope to attract more talents to develop their careers in our university and thus to promote the construction of our first-rate discipline around the world.


NO.1 Type A

Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences or Chinese Academy of Engineering;Academicians from the National Academy of Sciences or Engineering from developed countries such as USA, UK, Canada, and Australia; Laureates of world renowned awards such as Nobel Prize, Carl-Gustaf Rossby Research Medal, Turing Award, and Field Medal; outstanding international scholars working in top universities or research institutions.

NO.2 Type B

Distinguished Professors of the Chang Jiang Scholars Program of MOE, winners of the National Science Fund for “Distinguished Young Scholars”, Awardees of the Program for Innovative Talents of the National “Thousand Talents Program (long-term )”, National “Ten Thousand Talent Project” outstanding talents, and leaders of NSFC Innovative Research Group, leading researchers of the 2nd Prize Project of the National Natural Science Awards/1st Prize Project of the State Technology Invention Awards/1st Prize Project of the National Sci-tech Progress Awards, and professors from renowned overseas universities. Applicants should be under the age of 50.

NO.3 Type C

Awardees of National  Thousand Youth Talents Program, winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Young Scholars of Chang Jiang Scholars Program, Youth Top-notch Talent of Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee. These applicants should be under 40 years of age.

NO.4  reserve talents for Type A, B and C

Our university warmly welcomes young and middle-aged talents from home and abroad with outstanding achievements and great potentials in his career developments. They can apply for Thousand Talent Program and Thousand Youth Talent Programand other national programs. Please see the details in the Recruiting Announcement of Changwang Talents Face to Face with NUIST Presidents.


Salaries and benefits: Recruited Changwang high-level talents will be awarded with competitive benefits via an annual salary system (negotiated salary, before tax) after signing the full-time contracts and transferring their personnel achieves to NUIST, and the university also provides all around support in settling-in allowance and housing subsidies, start-up fund, labs and offices, beneficial policy in enrolling graduates and post doctors (see Table 1). The payment and benefits vary from person to person based on their individual achievements, objects and tasks, the degree of disciplinary shortage and other conditions.


Table 1 Salaries and benefits for Changwang High-level Talents (Unit: RMB)


Annual salary

Settling-in   allowance and housing subsidies

Start-up fund

Other benefits

Type A

1.2million or   more

 5-20 million settling-in allowance; a   temporary accommodation; priority in purchasing Talent Apartment on campus

besides the   central budget of start-up research fund , NUIST will offer 1-10 million   (0.5million for humanities) start-up fund in accordance with its discipline   platform conditions.

Talents with   Chinese citizenship can be employed with public institutional positions and   entitled of and above third grade professor.

NUIST will   assist in setting up research teams and beneficial policy for enrolling   doctors and post-doctors. 

Type B

900,000 or more

over   2 million settling-in allowance; a temporary accommodation; priority in   purchasing Talent Apartment on campus

Type C


over   1 million settling-in allowance; a temporary accommodation; priority in   purchasing Talent Apartment on campus


The applicants who are not selected to be in Type A/B/C but with higher standards after evaluation can be treated as the high-level talents if they are potential candidates for successfully applying for the four types of Youth Introduction Programs or other national talent introduction programs. The annual salary is about 500,000 RMB before tax and it is negotiable for the welfare.

NUIST offers free round-trip travel expenses (business class by plane or business seat by fast train) and free accommodation on campus and transportation from and to the airport or railway station if the talents come to NUIST to have an interview.

(2)           Changwang excellent specialists

Targeted applicants: Outstanding doctors (post-doctors), lecturers, professors/associate professors (or the equivalent) with doctor’s degree from renowned universities or research institutions are encouraged to apply. We are especially interested in employing doctors (post-doctors) graduated from renowned overseas universities or research institutions and with at least one-year overseas training or research experience. Outstanding doctors (post-doctors) should be under the age of 35, and it is less demanding for other applicants in the age limit. The Changwang excellent specialists should be qualified for the basic requirements of the College/School involved.


Salaries and benefits: They will be employed the same way as introducing high-level talents, with the salary referring to relevant national and Jiangsu provincial standards. Bonus will be in line with the standard of Professors or Associate Professors at NUIST; 300 thousand to 1 million RMB settling-in allowance; a temporary accommodation or rent allowance of 600-1000 RMB per month (for 2 years). Depending on specific conditions, NUIST will provide research start-up funds of 100-500 thousand RMB for recruited talents in natural sciences and 50-300 thousand RMB for those in the fields of humanities and social sciences (see Table 2). For recruited talents with outstanding qualifications, it is negotiable in salaries and subsidies and possible in offering more settling-in allowance and start-up fund. Our university will offer quite reasonable salary and welfare to the doctors of rather shortage majors such as finance, accounting, financial management, statistics, English Language and Literature, and Translation.


Table 2 Salaries and benefits for Changwang Excellent Specialists (Unit: RMB)


Housing subsidy

Start-up fund


Natural science


doctor/   post-doctor/lecturer




800-1500/month   rent allowance   for 2 years 

associate   professor









(3)           Foreign teachers (non-Chinese citizenship)

There are two types of foreign teachers (non-Chinese citizenship), professional foreign teachers and language foreign teachers.

1.       professional foreign teachers(non-Chinese citizenship)

Targeted applicants: professor, associate professor and lecturer (or the equivalent), excellent doctor (post-doctor); in principle, all the degrees should be obtained from overseas high-level universities and research institutions. They should be of outstanding research achievements and can skillfully teach professional courses in English.


Salaries and benefits: NUIST will adopt annual salary system for the foreign teachers (negotiated salary, before tax) after signing the full-time contracts (see Table 3). No less than 50,000 RMB housing subsidy and a certain amount of start-up fund for the working demands, two round-trip travel expenses per academic year. The School evolved will designate a young teacher of the School as the contact person to assist the foreign teacher in dealing with related affairs within and outside our campus. The first contract period is 3years in general and the first year is probation period for the foreign teachers.



Table 3 Salaries and benefits for professional foreign teachers (Unit: $)



Annual salary


Professor A/B/C


temporary   accommodation to rent or rent allowance

Associate   professor








The above types for foreign teachers are classified in accordance with the titles gained overseas, and professor Type A/B/C and its welfare will refer to the standards of Changwang high-level talents after evaluation.


2.       language foreign teachers(non-Chinese citizenship)


Targeted applicants: from UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and other English speaking countries, with BA and above, 2 years and more teaching experience in English language; no requirements of teaching experience if they are majored in education, language or normal specialties.


Salaries and benefits: 10,000RMB (before tax) month salary; a single apartment, free charge of accommodation, water, electricity, internet access; equipped with air-conditioner, TV, water heater and other necessary furniture; an international travel allowance of 9,000 RMB (before tax) per academic year and insurance.

(4)           Taiwan teachers

Targeted applicants: applicants should be high-level talents with doctor’s degree coming from universities and research institutions in Taiwan (briefly Taiwan teachers), outstanding teaching ability and research achievements; mainly recruiting shortage disciplines of finance, accounting, financial management, English Language and Literature, Translation, arts and design science.


Salaries and benefits: Over 200,000 RMB annual salaries, Nanjing social insurance, a temporary accommodation to rent or rent allowance, two round-trip travel expenses (economic class ) per academic year from Nanjing to Taiwan.


(5)           Postdoctorates

Targeted applicants: doing full-time postdoctoral research in NUIST (including foreigners) as a PHD graduate obtained doctor’s degree in China and overseas; Postdoctoral applicants should be the doctors graduated within 3 years, under the age of 35, majoring in meteorology, environment, oceanography, geography, remote sensing, electronics, computing, controlling, management, etc. APHD graduate through National Entrance Examination will get the annual salary (negotiated salary, before tax) (see Table 4). The university and cooperated tutor will be responsible for the annual salary, 200,000 RMB or more, and during these two years the research funding from the tutor is no less than 50,000RMB per year.


Table 4 Salaries and benefits for postdoctorates (Unit:RMB)




Doctor’s degree   conferred by TOP 100 universities in foreign countries (or outside mainland   China), outstanding research achievements or great potential in scientific   research. 

300,000 or more   per year

rent   allowance

Doctor’s degree   conferred by worldwide famous universities and research institutions,   outstanding research achievements or great potential in scientific research.

200,000 or more   per year


III.  Application

1.       Time: January 2018 — December 2018, all the year around

2.  The college/school's talents requirememts planning can be seen in the NUIST 2018 List of Positions in the College/School (Appendix 1).  

3. For the applicants of Face to Face with NUIST Presidents (Changwang high-level talents) , please send the filled “Application Form for Face to Face with NUIST Presidents” (see Appendix2) and personal resume to Please write the theme of the mail as “Face to Face with NUIST Presidents + Name + Affiliation + Major”. NUIST will send invitation letter to qualified applicants in time. If there is no reply from us within 7days, please contact us.

4. For Changwang excellent specialists, please send the materials to Please write the theme of the mail as “NUIST2018recruitment + applying XX School + Name”. Applicants should offer the following materials:

(1) Application Form for NUIST Open Recruitment of Talent Introduction(Appendix 3)

(2) Scanning copy of certificates for academic, degree, professional titles and awards

(3) Scanning copy of 3-5 representative papers within the latest 5 years and SCI/SSCI/CSSCI thesis retrieval reports authorized by Sci-tech novelty retrieval organization.

5. For foreign teachers (non-Chinese citizenship), Taiwan teachers and postdoctorates, please send your personal resume to Human Resources Department. In addition, postdoctoral applicants should contact the tutors of the related Schools at the same time.

6. Human Resources Department will select the resumes of Changwang excellent specialists and then forward them to the relevant Schools. The Schools will reply the e-mails within one week. NUIST will organize a collective interview in one or two months.

IV. Contact information

  1. Contact information of different Schools can be seen in Appendix 1.

  2. Contact information of Human Resource Department of NUIST:

  Face to Face with NUIST Presidents (Changwang high-level talents) :

      Tel: 86-25-58731027 (Ms. Ding), email:

  Changwang excellent specialists and Professional foreign teachers :

      Tel: 86-25-58731143 ( Mr. Wang), email:

  Language foreign teachers:

   Tel: 86-25-58695667(Ms. Zhou),email:

  Taiwan teachers: Tel: 86-25-58731455(Mr. Li),email:

  Postdoctorates: Tel:86-25-58731027(Ms. Liu),email:

Address: Human Resources Department, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, 219 Ningliu Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

Postal Code: 210044

Appendix 1:  NUIST 2018 List of Positions in the  CollegeSchool.xls

Appendix 2:  Application Form for Face to Face with NUIST  Presidents.xls

Appendix 3:  Application Form for NUIST Open Recruitment of Talent  Introduction.doc